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The value of the determinant
Δ=∣ ∣ ∣cos(α+β)sin(α+β)cos2βsinαcosαsinβcosαsinαcosβ∣ ∣ ∣, is


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The correct Answer is D
Applying R1R1+(sinβ)R2+(cosβ)R3, we get
Δ=∣ ∣ ∣000sinαcosαsinβcosαsinαcosβ∣ ∣ ∣=0


in the questions given that was to find out the value of the determinant and determinant is given to us as cos alpha + beta minus sin alpha + beta 2 cos 2 theta sin alpha cos alpha and beta are unaware they have minus cos alpha sin alpha minus cos theta right so to make up the maximum number of zeros with the applying and determinant property apply a dominant property in our one that is no one that will be equal to row 1 + sin b r of row to sign data of rope to write and + cos B of row 3 cos beta of rotary ok that means in this particular row that is in this particular that is no 1 apply sign beta X ofro to and call beta x ofro free hoke superstar every finding out the individual elements of the row 1 so the individual elements of no one will be equal to
RO one will be able to first of all we are over the festival over here we have cos alpha + beta that this is because of alpha + beta + sin x ofro to that is this Final Fight 2 sin theta sin alpha into sin beta bright and airy minus Cos A into cos beta address - of cos alpha into cos beta right now if it a minus sin common overhead this will be cause of alpha + beta decay - time common this will become cos alpha cos beta right minus sin alpha sign beta ok no according to train a matrix properties in know that this study the formula is of cos alpha + beta is equal to cos alpha + beta minus cos alpha + beta right so these two are getting cancelled vs cancelled by this should still be equal to zero that is the first element of the First row that is this particular element has come out to be closed
zero after applying this particular property not come into the second element that is minus sin alpha + beta ok so here we have here we have minus sin alpha + beta + now what will do it will multiply sign beta intro to that is cos alpha into sin theta + b cos alpha into Sin of Beta + b + there we have caused beta into sin alpha cos theta into Sin of Alpha right now be stated that this particular formula that is dispersion formula is a sin alpha + beta right so we can I draw - of sin alpha + beta + this formula is of sin alpha + beta sin alpha + beta so this is also getting Cancer disease cancer this again getting to know that the second element of road to that is this particular element has also come out to be equal to zero not coming after the third element that it cost to beta so coming at the third element
this is because of too beta ok so cause of to beta + over here we have signed beta into sin theta + sin square theta right plus again over here we have caused it into minus cos B this will be equal to different places by minus sin theta minus cos B and to copyrighted minus cos square B right now this can be written as a full-time - common from these two terms that is the students this will be equal to cos of to beta minus this will be minus sin square theta + cos square b + cos square B right now we know that minus sin square theta + cos square theta + cos 2 Beta so this will be caused to beta minus Cos 2 theta ok so this will be cancelled out again this will be cancelled by this will equal to zero that meet the third element of the row 1 as also come out to be equal to zero sunao it dominant can be written as the determinant can be written as
equal to determinant of all the elements of 1st floor ora-02000 than the second row we have sin alpha cos alpha sign beta then we have sin alpha cos alpha sign beta OK then the third row in the third Robi have minus cos alpha sin alpha minus cos theta minus cos alpha sin alpha minus Cos of beta right now in determinant we know that if one of the row is zero that is all the elements of that particular row are zero then determinant is equal to the determinant is equals to zero right so for the value of determinant of this particular matter is orders for determine given to us is zero so we have got the valid dominant 2015 the options given the portion we see that awesome before the correct answer


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