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The value of the determinant <...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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0dependent only on `a_(1), a_(2), a_(3)`dependent only `b_(1), b_(2), b_(3)`dependent on `a_(1), a_(2), a_(3) b_(1), b_(2), b_(3)`

Answer : D

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hello students so the question is there are given a determinant and we have to find the value of delta ok so and after that we have to find out that the value according to the value which of these four options is correct ok so now let me just solve it a little bit but this is given as what we can write is 1 - here let me explain it a little but here it is 1 - A1 B1 whole cube ride so we can write as 1 - A1 B1 invented another a square + AVN b 1 square + 7 Bhiwandi square + A1 B1 and so this is how we are going to and then you know this will be cancelled by this this process will be

happen in all the terms is all the terms are exactly same as this one so we will let left with this fun disturb only so I am writing this directly Evan Evan square + A1 B1 for second one oneplus A1 B2 square + 721 + a square B square + 7 b 3 and repeat it for all 9 terms to the next is oneplus A2 B1 square + A to Z 1 X it is oneplus A2 B2 square + A to B to connect its

oneplus a2b 3 square + A to B three finex it's 1 + 3 B1 square + 31 X it is oneplus 3 B2 square + 3 B2 it is oneplus A3 B3 square + 3 B3 now you can see we can write it as additional to like edition of to determine if you can separate these two separate this one some of the terms right so you can buy it as sorry 111111111 Plus in the next one you can take the middle term

right take the middle term so what you will get you can take all the middle terms ok sweet baby a1b one square A1 B2 square and even be three square Sangli to Bhiwandi square Ab To square and YouTube 3 square enix E3 P1 square to square ne33 square and in the last in the last will take the last terms so you can see we can write it as some of these some of these

a2b 18318 to be 232 833 itsy Bitsy it is zero and when you will look at this you can see you can take even common from first Square from second into squares from 33 square and from here we 1 square feet to square from abc = same thing you will do here you will take a one year and it to hear it from the Rope and B1 B2 B3 from the columns so you will be remained from for 1111111 here so this and this will also result in 20 and the value is 0 so what we are given the option is zero for the answer is correct thank you

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