The value of p and q(p0,q0) for whichp,q are the roots of the equation x2+px+q=0 are (a)p=1,q=2 (b) p=1,q=2 (c) p=1,q=2 (d) p=1,q=2


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hello everyone to questions is that the value of p and q where p not equal to zero not equal to zero for which PQ are the roots of the equation X square + PX + Q is equal to zero the options given to us so here are basically an equation is given that is X square + PX + Q is equal to zero it is true that p and q are the roots of the equation show TV satisfy the equation so let's write instead of x square y square + 3 will be p square + 2 is equal to zero so cute baby equal to p square B square minus is equal to p k p square and on that side with a -2 p square and when we are going to put you it is going to give us a square + Q + 2 is equal to zero so let's check
out human it will give you a + b + 1 is equal to zero now as in the quotient is return Q is not equal to 0 SO2 + 3 + 1 will be equal to zero to order Q value is your -2 p square so let's write -2 p square + 3 + 1 is equal to zero now let's take out the - 3 - 10 common it will be to p square minus 3 minus 1 is equal to zero water splitting the middle term it will keep us topi -12 + 1 P - 12 from here we can say that P is equal to minus half aur is equal to 1 minus half you will give us instead of square it will give
us 1 by 4 into minus 2 minus 1 by 2 only and when we put is equal to one year you will give us - so our option we can see is matching so I hope you understand the solution thank you

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