The value of (log_5 9*log_7 5*log_3 7)/(log_3 sqrt(6))+1/(log_4 sqrt(6)) is co-prime with



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Updated On: 5-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59this question we have to find the value of log 9 into 5 into 7 upon log root 6 + 1 upon log route 66 ko primary to find the value of this which is coprime with the aid of the first of all we have to find the definition of coprime prime number is a set of numbers or integers which have only one as their Common Factor that is their HCF will be one coprime numbers and also known as relative leap and a mutually Prime it is important that there should be two numbers in order to form coprimes so let's see what we have to do you solve this expression to let's write the expression given in a question that is equal to log
01:00 - 01:599 base 5 into log 5 base 7 into log 7 base 3 upon log 3 root 6 + 1 upon 1 upon log base 4 root 6 so there is a property in a logarithm that which is called the best in property show in this property we what we have let's see log bhi base a is equal to block B upon log a common base this is all natural log so let's cover it into a box on
02:00 - 02:59applying this property in above equation what we will get let's see and there is one more property that is log be over and is equal to and supervised comes out of a log this and other property so let's see how to apply this product properties both in arabic version let's apply what we will get we will get to see log 9 based upon log 5 base into log 5 base BC upon log 7 base C into log 7 base account log 3 base e
03:00 - 03:59hall upon we will use log bhi power and formula that is equal to half log 36.6 basic and in other term we will send one upon One by Two lock 6-4 so here also the log B to the power and formula is used to know if I will consider Lok sab log 7 control and there we love we log 9 days log 9 BC upon lock three basic phone one by two locks 20 +
04:00 - 04:591 upon 1 by 2 log 6 base 4 Sona on applying division based in property the numerator of first term will be equal to log 9 base 3 hope you all will understand long and BC upon log 6 base 3 and 2 will be coming to numerator + 2 upon log 6 base 4 Chunav the value of log 9 base 3 will be equal to its wait so long wheelbase is equal to 1 upon log absb this is the inversion property of logarithm so on applying this property in bottom what we will get at sea we will get equal to 2 into log 9 base 3
05:00 - 05:59that is equal to 3 square into log 6 basically because we have applied the division inversion property to log base64 what we have to do the value of 2 into 2 into log 3 into 3 + 2 log 4 cinaloc privacy will be equal to 1 so here what is mean year 4 into log 3 Base 6 plus to lock for basic sunao this is equal to love 3 to the power 4 + log 4 to the power
06:00 - 06:59to sunao 20 tarikh ko so we can apply the multiplication addition property of log x is equal to log A + log 3 Base a is equal to lock BC based on applying this property discover it into a box on applying this property near so what we will get we will get equal to lock equal to log 81 into 16 basics 216 basics that is equal to lock 1296 basics that is equal to 6204 12962
07:00 - 07:5964462 the powerful basics is equal to its value will be 4 so now we have to find that forest which option so4 will be coprime with 1 3 and 5 with 1 3 and 5 so this is our answer let's check the option first of all I am answer in that said the options so aur option will be option a option B in option d option C will not every correct answer because there are two factors of foreign for that is one in four
08:00 - 08:59option A B and C are they are correct

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