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Nta Jee Mock Test 65


The value of lim_(xrarr(pi)/(2...

The value of `lim_(xrarr(pi)/(2))([(x)/(3)])/(ln(sinx))` (where, `[.]` denotes the greatest integer function)


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

does not existis equal to 1is equal to 0is equal to `-1`

Answer : C


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hello everyone the question is the value of limit X tends to pi by 2 integer part of 1 by 3 / LN of China where did not the greatest integer function and the four options are does not exist is equal to 1 is equal to zero and is equal to -1 I need to evaluate this limit to perceive for let's put its as if I will get limit X tends to pi by 2 if I put pi by 2 years it will be pi by 2 into 3 and this will be a land of sin pi by 2 if I talk about the integer part function the greatest integer function is integer part of bye-bye 63516 is less than 1 and is greater than zero because the value of pi in T20

7 3.142 this will be less than one and greater than zero so in this case the integer part function is what zero is equal to exam zero not depending 2020 and sin pi by 2 then what is the value of sin pi by 2 it is Ban and elaine one is zero but X tends to pi by 2 10 2 2020 me some addition or subtraction that the limit given to me is equal to zero and

is this correct answer