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The value of lim_(x to pi//2...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

0n`oo` `(n(n+1))/(2)`

Answer : B
Solution : Let `y=sec^2x`. Then , `y to oo as xto (pi)/(2)` <br> `lim_(xto pi//2){1^(sec^(2)x)+2^(sec^(2)x)+3^(sec^(2)x)+....+n^(sec^(2)x)}^(cos^(2)x)` <br> `lim_(ytooo ){1^(y)+2^y+3y+......+n^y}^(1//y)` <br> ` =lim_(xto oo) n{((1)/(n))^y+((2)/(n))^y+((3)/(n))^y+......+((n)/(n))^y}^(1//y)` <br> ` n {0+0+......+1}^0=n`

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hello student question is limit X tends to pi by 2 1 to the power x square x ^ 3 to the power x square x 16 in addition with X ^ process and these are option ok bye have to say which of the following option is correct ok plate minded when exchange to pi by 2 X tends to pi by 2 x square x tends to infinity student here I am going to take Y is equals to stick it clear that cos square x

ok tends to infinity will not tends to infinity is equal to Y 1 upon my actually I was thinking another method for this question that's why I was little bit slow while writing this red ink lighting with reading what I was thinking instead of bringing all this thing what we can do we can take in sec Square x com come all in sec Square X common from all out this let it come limit X tends to pi by 2 when in City Square X will come out

site Aditya Vikram in square and Square X B tech degree cos square x cos square theta what will this be come this will become one upon x square minus 2 upon and status very taken last will be in minus one upon him we can write one minus one upon him to the power 4 + 1 to the power ok I am just beat it causes Parikh

what will happen which City Square x cos square x will get cancel out and help will be left with limit X tends to pi by 2 and time into this will be an opponent ok now which one upon and will be one upon any will be between 0 to 1 again next part 2 opponent from here to a point in will be from zero to one again 3 upon and will be from 0 to N ok and this part also 1 - something this between 0 to 9 and a to the power infinity tends to zero then a is less than 1

State Bank ok this will tends to zero and till this whole term will tense 20 ok this world table tennis 20 B causes and extends to pi by 2 x square x tends to infinity and everything the information take is very nice and this will come 11 ^ of square x Cos pi by 2 is zero no need to write this limit this limit has been out of 80 + 20 + 200 + 1 and its value will become in an end will be our answer option to is correct thank you student

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