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The value of limx0(4x1)3sinx4log(1+x23) equals


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The correct Answer is C


hello student haircut on occasion the value of limit extending 20 - 1 whole cube upon sin sin x by foreign to lock of 1 + x square Y = and some of the given year students in the question was Limited and for solving this limit to be the first we have to need some basic in which is limit extending 20 sin x upon X and limit extending 20 x minus 1 upon X is equals to login and limit
extending 20 log of oneplus X by X is equals to solving this limit be the first we have to need to remember this disagreement PC limits because because this basically we are using here so to per project work question tag the given limit in the question is limit X tends to zero forest power x minus 1 upon sin x by 4 into log of 1 + x square y 3 for creating this format here we have to multiply x cube and divide and multiply
antibiotics used for creating the basic limit format here we have to multiply 4 x minus b cube and and and and also for sin x by 4 term we have to multiply and divide by X by 4 x 4 and and also for and also for long term we have to multiply and divide by x square 3 and x square by 3 year 2
we have created earlier we have created and also we can noted that the limit X tends to zero is also a limit X tends to zero we can use these basic limits result using this results in a whole power S3 using basic limits results right limit X tends to zero we know there this limit become log of four because our age here 42 x cube and for this this is become sin x by 4 upon x541 extending 20 age give result 21 and into xy
also your 1 + x square by 3 and x square by 3 we can see this is our overall life if this is our overall X2 this this limit also give result 11 Standard 20 week we can also see from from using a basic limits into x square y 3 after simplifying we can write limit X tends to zero log 4 whole cube into active upon upon 4312 we can cancel out this actual and we can we can write 12 lock for students 12
block 4 whole power 3 answer regarding the answer the correct option


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