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Class 12






Definite Integral


The value of int_(0)^(infty)[2...

The value of `int_(0)^(infty)[2e^(-x)] dx` (where ,[.] denotes the greatest integer function of x) is equal to

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello friends so in this question it is given to me that the value of integration zero to infinity 22 e to the power minus 6 distracted denotes the greatest integer function of X is equals to what we have to find the integral value so let's solve it so we can see that your FX equal to this function is there 2 to the power 2 into e to the power minus decreasing function this is a monotonic decreasing function when you ft equal to zero to sure is between 0 and law to asics will be one

to see you will get you to a to the power minus log to which is equals to 1 only ok so so your hand if we will take its greater than look to so you will get a 6 = 20 from this can divide this zero to infinity and 2 part 1 part will be divided into what 0 to lock to I am dividing this part 0 to Infinity 2 to the power x 0 to infinity integration will be divided 202 lock to and its between 0 to 255 and for greater than lock ok tell you will be zero to this part will be = 20 and this part will be locked to -1 for this it will be X integration and

here it comes lock too many put this value + 0 so here's the value final you will get is locked to which will be the final answer for this question so when you check the options from the options we can see option 20 current which is a final answer


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