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Class 12






Definite Integral


The value of int_(0)^(2)[x^(2)...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D


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the value of 2022 x square - 4 x + 1 pair this bracket denote the greatest integer function to find the value equation will be this function will be equal to have is f of x = 2 x square - 5 x + 1 and in question it clearly mentioned that X is equals to zero the upper limit of zero is equal to 1 week a type of the year is equal to 1 and also if we will take out and also if we take out the address of a it will be integrated with equal to two of these will be equal to minus 1 equal to zero and equal to when we found the value of it will be equal to 1 by 2 is the value of X equal to 11 22 Hans what we can save the minimum value the minimum value at

at equal to 1 by 2 and is equal to this from connect Act 1 by 2 is equal to what the value will be equal to the function of a one by two will be equal to 3 by this will be equal to 3 by 4 we can say that I integration will be equal 2022 the function that have already mentioned in the question x square - 5 x + of one of these and this will be equal to zero 2 2nd year we will have x minus 1 by 2 X square + 3 by 4 of t of a value that already find out which is the when the function is f 1 by 2 and when the function is covid-19 B to what we will do will consider the we will cause we're considering cases when did the case when 3 by 4 is smaller than or equal to the function that 1 by x minus 1 by 2 X square + of 3.4 is when is smaller than or equal to 1 at which

will belongs to a belongs 20212 on that case on that case one with a smaller than or equal to x minus 1 by 2 + 3 by 4 which is smaller than or equal to twice and vegetable belongs to one of root 5 + 1 by 2 equal to 15 + 1 by 2 is it for the function and path function to what we will have you will have assets minus 1 by 2 cos square x + of 3.4 which is in which state belongs to a long to be by 5 + of 1 by 2 of 2 to integrate will be equal to integral will be equal to 0 to 10 update + 1 year couple Limited level 5 + 1 by 2 and here we will have one of the Dead plus the function

price of root 5 + root 5 + 1 by 2 of toys of partial pressures hold the function and the limit we have put it in a simple will have its 5 + 15 + 1 by 2 when will therefore the integrated we will have 5 + 1 by 2 and -1 + given at twice of twice of my father called this particular integral we have found that root 5 by 2 + 2 equal to 5 - 5 + 5 by 2 it means it means of a number is the for this particular integral and found these values


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