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The value of int_(0)^(2)[x+[x...

The value of int_(0)^(2)[x+[x+[x]]] dx (where, [.] denotes the greatest integer function )is equal to



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Updated On: 5-5-2021

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23`-3`None of these

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59the question here is the value of integration of 022 Mot of AXE + in bracket X + b square is indicate the greatest integer and the function will be put through the options at 23 - 3 or whether it is equal to 3 is integer that we had given its integration of zero the vision of 0-4-2 at plus plus simplify it will not directly 2022 will further simplified the limits by step by step 2 year for the inner part B having that is at plus Mod of X + 8 + b square will simplify + X + 8 when it will we will simplify for the limit 140 limit 0 and 1
01:00 - 01:59that we got 80212 I will be equal to zero to one here we will have zero of the ad will find the limit to 218 finding the climate we will put one over the years it will become at plus one now this ad will carry out over the years later at and then again we will put one over here so it will it value will be come to it at Y2 and between this will lie between at + through that belongs to 34 that will belongs to 3 and we will we have the value that will put the value of actors 24 plus one will become 3 so here it is cdx2 Nagin integration will the equals to hear its integration will becomes a letter content will take out over comedy
02:00 - 02:5921 integration will become at and it is 21 it will become 3 upper limit - 2 - 12 integration will be equal to 30 are correct answer is option number of the that is 3

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