Class 12






Definite Integral


The value of int_(-1)^(3){|x-2...

The value of `int_(-1)^(3){|x-2|+[x]} dx`, where [.] denotes the greatest integer function, is equal to


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

563None of these

Answer : D


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the question is the value of the value of integration of 3 - 1 2 3 and year in bracket we have at least two plus office of the greatest integer function and find integer function is equal to which of these calling option that is equal to 5 by that is equal to that is equal to none of this question the given function that we have the given options that we have is integration of three of relapse of 123 123 PF to move from the limit in the number that we have it was possible to move from 0 to -1 and at the

visual area at minus of 2 Mod of X + X + bracket close the Act was then we will move from 120 then we'll move from one 2011 will have mod of X + 2 + of at bracket close of the act and when we then we will move it move from one then we move from 2 to 1 then we will hand over at minus of to ward off + of egg of dead then we will move from we will move from two to three in bracket at a minus of Mod + note of at least one two three in a partial Manna -122002 11 22 and 23 with these are dash the nation that is a three-year what we will do

will integrate the inner part of how will integrate it will write - 120 limit will be as usual what you will do we have taken after what we have done we have taken out the 2 - of x minus of one of the common over here and expects that of similarly with the other part 2 120 here we will F2 - of X + of the role of DNA that in the area above personal part Villa 1222 of minus x + of one then moving to the next what we will have we will have we will have to 23 integration of x minus of two plus of two of the act now what we will do we will integrate these equation festival

song 2012 and 2011 model of an integration is X and then we have been X ^ 2 by 2 and the limit will be 702 - 1 and have them will have integration of two way education of two will become 2 - integration of actual become a part 2 and the limit will be they want to the same will be next for that we can set 2 + 13 theme it was 3 x minus of x to the power n + 1 - x square upon 22 A1 and for the last also we will attempt to and too will cancel out 211 x to the power x to the power 2 by 2 and element with the same 322

- of lower limits to be found the following situation that 3 by 2 + 3 by 2 + of 4 - of 5 by 2 + of 9 b t v v function of unlimited amount of upper Limb dermatomes of lower limit of lower limit of turnover device installed this function will be found value that is 7:00 we have found the value that is 787 is not present in given the option number D none of these is none of these is the correct answer for this particular question