Updated on:30/05/2023

The unbalanced chemical reactions given in Column I show missing reagent or condition (?) which are provided in Column II. Match Column I with Column II and select the correct answer using the codes gives below the Columns.
ColumnIColumnIIP.PbO2+H2SO4?PbSO4+O2+other product1.NOQ.Na2S2O3+H2O?NaHSO4+other product2.I2R.N2H4?N2+other product3.WarmS.XeF2?Xe+other product4.CI2


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The correct Answer is
P:PbO2+2H2SO4warm (3)−−−2PbSO4+O2+2H2OR:N2H4+2I2(2)−−−−N2+4HIQ:Na2S2O3+5H2O+4Cl2(4)−−−−−2NaHSO4+8HClS:XeF4+2NO(1)−−−−−Xe+2NOF
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