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Trigonometric Functions


The two adjacent sides of a cy...

The two adjacent sides of a cyclic quadrilateral are `2a n d5` and the angle between them is `60^0dot` If the area of the quadrilateral is `4sqrt(3)` , find the remaining two sides.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_TRI_C05_S01_058_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Let ABCD be the cyclic quadrilateral in which <br> `AB = 2 and BC = 5, angle ABC = 60^(@)` <br> `angle ADC = 180^(@) - 60^(@) = 120^(@)` <br> Area of cyclic quadrilateral ABCD <br> = Area of `Delta ABC + "Area of " Delta ACD` <br> or `4 sqrt3 = (1)/(2) AB xx BC sin 60^(@) + (1)/(2) CD xx DA sin 120^(@)` <br> `= (1)/(2) 2 xx 5 xx ((sqrt3)/(2)) + (1)/(2) xy ((sqrt3)/(2))` <br> Where `CD = x, AD = y` <br> `:. xy = 6`..(i) <br> From `Delta ABC`, we get <br> `AC^(2) = AB^(2) + BC^(2) - 2AB xx BC cos 60^(@)` <br> `= 4 + 25 - 20 ((1)/(2)) = 19`...(ii) <br> Also from `Delta ACD`, we get <br> `AC^(2) = CD^(2) + DA^(2) - 2CD DA cos 120^(@)` <br> `= x^(2) + y^(2) + xy = x^(2) + y^(2) + 6` [using Eq. (i)] ..(iii) <br> Now from Eqs. (ii) and (iii), we have <br> `x^(2) + y^(2) + 6 = 19 " or " x^(2) + y^(2) = 13`...(iv) <br> Solving Eqs. (i) and (iv), we get <br> `x^(4) - 13 x^(2) + 36 = 0` <br> or `x^(2) = 4, 9` <br> or `x = 2, 3 rArr y = 3, 2` <br> Hence, the other two sides of the cylic quadrilateral are 3 and 2


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maja Kare to kya aayega yahan se accident hua hai kuch Ho Jaati Ho Jaati Hai cal Karte Hain Tumhari value kya hoti hai X square + Y square + 6 question 19 aur ek dusri Hamari X square + Y square is equal to 13 ticket to x y y ki jagah 6x to solve kiye Jaate Hain se x ki power 4 + - 13 x square + 36 is equal to zero x = 2 32 X 32 a Gaya this implies X3 convert to the way we value our way to comma 3 X 3 by 2 x 2 while the other two sides have two or three years two sides having a poochha Gaya 52 sites was a need to cover 3823