The total surface area of a rigth circular cylinder is 165 pi cm^(2). If the radius of its base is 5 cm, find its heigth and volume.



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Updated On: 2-6-2021

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Answer :
`11.5cm, 903.57 cm^(3)`



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone so the question given if the total surface area of right circular cylinder is 165 5 cm square if the radius of its base is 5 cm find its height and 12 first of all it is given that we have a cylinder and the total surface area is given to be 165 by CM square so from here we can conclude that what that and radius is also given as to be 5 cm now we have to find height and volume now we know that total surface area of cylinder is equal to 25 are into our + H now it is given equal to 165 so 165 5 is equal to 2 Pi R + H now if you see
01:00 - 01:59Paresh cancelling out with it is very clear so further our is given to v5 sunao put the value of her so it will Bittu into 5 and 5 + H so from here we are getting 16525 is Billy X 165 by 10 is equal to 5 + H so it will be 16.5 -5 from here is equal to H so from here we can say that it's coming out to be 11.5 so this is the first time we have to find out now we have to find out the volume so we know that volume of cylinder is equal to volume of cylinder is equal to Paya Paya square where are we have a so we can find the volume it will be pipe Rs 5 square into X 11.5 now calculating 5 into 5
02:00 - 02:5985 Sky 25 into 11.5 now 25 into 11.5 will be nothing but to 87.5 and negative at is cm cube that is our values for the given causes sore from here we can say that the height of the given cylinder is 11.5 CM let me right into the cm It is 11.5 this is the height of the cylinder and the volume of cylinder is to 87.5% hope you get the answer thank you so much everyone

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