The total revenue received from the sale of x units of a product is given by R(x) = 20 x - 0.5x^(2). Find <br> Marginal revenue



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Updated On: 20-4-2021

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Answer :
20 - x



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today we are going to discuss on more question the question is that the total revenue received from total revenue received from the sale of X unit of a product is given by X equal to 20 x minus point find marginal revenue so here we have to find marginal revenue and total revenue is given total revenue is equals to total Jivan total revenue equals to 28 - 4.5 X so we have to find marginal revenue marginal revenue equal to DY by DX aap total revenue hair head total revenues are so you can you can be written as DY by DX and total revenues 20 x minus
01:00 - 01:594.5 we can write it as 20 into DY by DX of x minus 4.5 into of differentiation of x raise to the power n with respect to X is equals to an end to access to the power and marginal revenue is equal to 20 into 1.5 into two simplifying we can write it is marginal revenue Cruise 220 -4.5 into two equal to 1 minus extra marginal revenue equals to 20 - I hope you understand the explanation thanks for watching

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