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Class 11






Binomial Theorem


The term without x in the expa...

The term without `x` in the expansion `(2x-1/(2x^2))^(12)` is a. 495 b. -495 c. -7920 d. 7920

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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without not having X is independent of x light of term independent of its doors Trump having Express 2 power 0 as you know that the expansion of a + b raise to power n is equal to 1 + 1 is equal to N C R Power

then you will get is equal to 2 and n is equal to 12 general term of this expansion will be equal to minus 2 into 10 raise to power our fathers all then you will get power minus are right so it will come - 6 into 10 to power

are there is which becomes -2 are into minus 1 is to power is equal to minus one desktop power to raise to power minus 2 into X raise to power minus 3 hour ride in this question will find the coefficient of X raise to power zero its means this expression should be equal to b is equal to X raise to power because we find the without independent of x in this question so it implies 12 - 3 hour is equal to zero write it implies 3 hour is equal to 4 then r is equal to sorry it's a 3 hour is equal to 12 then we get our is equal to four right

R + 14 + 1 so if left independent of x is equal to the value of R and you will get -1 raise to power 4 into 4 into 10 to power 12844 in 23 2012 1208 get access to power 0 is 1 because - 1 + 2 power n is 11 into 3 into 2 raise to power 4

as you know this is a binomial Coefficient and you will find the least value by using the formula and R is equal to / are factorial is equal to 12 factorial divided into 4 into into into into into 4 into 6 because he's actually 6 right into 16 are allowed

4 times this is 12 2 X side if multiply all these then you will get 12 sorry to into 11 into 10 into 9 into 4 equal to 7920 so this option is correct for this question which is 720


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