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Class 9






Linear Equations In Two Variables


The taxi fare in a city is as ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the taxi fare in a city is a follow the first kilometre the fare is rupees 8 and for the subsequent distance it is rupees 5 per km in the distance covered as its Total fare as it is slide title linear equation for this information Android the total distance travelled by the taxi km km the total distance in km is it is given that up to first kilometre 13th after the first kilometre and it is given that the subsequent kilometre that is x minus 1 kilometre the fare per km if the total se is given as by total centuries by right

Total fare is equal to Y rupees so why in mathematical form Y is equal to the Rupee the fair which is taken for the total sales is taken for the subsequent kilometre X - 1 km it because it's minus 1 into x minus 1 into 5 Y is equal to 8 plus 5 minus 5 Y is also equal to 5 x + this is the linear equation that is asked about the linear equation now to draw a graph in order to draw graph letters find the coordinates points for this

equation access 1 Word 2010 why become the first and second point music was 2020 so we got the two point now letter draught of the first three this is zero and we have three here and here point 0 9 to take the second point that -30 this is one minus 1 minus

3 by 5 lines between 0 and -1 so let us consider this to be the point - 3 by 50 in between 0 and -1 latest take some point at this point to be minus 3 by 5 draw a line joining this both point on the line and effect standard and it goes on an effect on the other side as well this become the graph for a linear equation for this is nothing when Y is equals to 5 x +

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