The tangent to the parabola `y=x^2` has been drawn so that the abscissa `x_0` of the point of tangency belongs to the interval [1,2]. Find `x_0` for which the triangle bounded by the tangent, the axis of ordinates, and the straight line `y=x0 2` has the greatest area.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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in the question the tangent to the parabola y = 2 x square has been grown so that Absa it's not of the point of tangency belongs to the interval find X not for which the triangle and the straight line y = 2 x square is the greatest area we are given a parabola y = 2 X square + this is the graph for and this is the given line and the point of tangency has abscissa it's not which means this point of tangent PT health coordinator as it is on the line that will be at this point

co-ordinate of ex 0.8 of I will be its not but it is on the negative side this will be minus x square not a key point corresponding topi on y axis such that it will make a triangle and the cord in this point will be zero and x square because it is corresponding topi now this triangle right triangle and this triangle with equal to distance on the x-axis Basil B not into height this distance will be explored square and it's not so this will be too

this triangle will be not now differentiating this area with respect to X not notes which is greater than or equal to zero and it will the function a is increasing function given text not lies in the interval 122 which we not lies between 12 so when it's not is maximum area a will be maximum because it is an increasing function so we can say that is not which is X not equals

to 2 required value of x notice to when the API maximum thank you

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