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The sum of values of p for ...

The sum of values of p for which the equations x+y+z=1, x+2y +4z=p and x+4y +10z =`p^(2)` have a solution is `"____"`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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in this question we need to find the sum of values of p for which the equation X + Y + Z = 21 X + 2 Y + 4 = 20 and X + 4 Y + 10 equal to p square have a solution it so I write down the equation which are X + Y + Z = 21 then X + 2 Y + 4 is equal to P and X + X + 4 Y + 10 equal to 30 square will find out the determinant of the coefficient Matrix latest denoted by tell this will be question coefficient of air that is 11 and 12 coefficients of why that is 12 and 4 and the coefficients of Dead that is 4 and 10 we can simplify

by using column operation and writing c2s C2 - 153 sc3 -312 after using this operation we will get the value of Taylor request to work and work redmi will have 1 - 102 - 1 that is 1 and 4 minus one that is 3 here will have one minus one that is 044 - 3 and -1 it now we can open up the determinant this will be close to one end 29 - 9 that is equal to zero so we are getting the value of Tailor request to grow if anyone out there let's dead or does it is non-zero we will not have any situation but in the question we are given that did equations have solution

so we can say that the value of k will be equal to tell you I will be close to their and it will be equal to zero and in this case we will have infinitely many the value of our daily lives will be close to you will replace the coefficients of apps that is 111 with the cost and that is one p and p square so that will be equal to p p square near 124 124 and here we have 14848 now we will ride c3s CG -32 chocolate doing this operation will get this determined as equal to work p p square can we have 2 4 and here we have one

minus one that is 044 - 2 that is 2 and 3 -4 that is now will expand this Vitamin A is equals to 1 into 2 into sick that it 12 - 4 into two that is state or equal to 4 + 1 into 2 into square to feet square minus 60 - 60 and here we have zero from here we got the value of delta equals to this but we know that there are 100 this will be equal to zero taking two common we will get this ad = 2 x square - 3 + 2 = 20 the film equals to 3 minus 2 and minus 1 equal to zero to record two values of be there one or two

so we ask that in the question what will be the sum of values of P the sum of the values of P will be one plus two that is 3 will be the required answer also if you take delivery = 20 and that equals to zero we will get same value of P so3 is required

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