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The sum of two numbers is (-4)...

The sum of two numbers is (-4)/3 . If one of the numbers is -5 , find the other.



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Updated On: 28-2-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today our question is the sum of two numbers is minus 4 by 3 if one of the number is -5 find the other number so lead to the solution let the unknown number or other number the Axe let the other number de do what we have given at + X + - of 5 which can be written as minus 5 by 1 is equals to minus 4 by 3 so in order to solve it lets take -551 to the right hand side so X is equals to minus 4 by 3 + of fire by one we are getting these are not like fractions to let convert them X by 1 with
01:00 - 01:59three in the numerator and in the denominator therefore we are getting X is equals to minus 4 by 3 + 50 by a right now these are like fraction so we can easily solve them so i x is equals to denominator will become Stri as it is the common denominator and numerator can be that directly at 8 - 4 + 15 their 4 x is equals to 11 battery will be the required number I hope you understood IT Solution thank you

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