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Class 11






Binomial Theorem And Its Applciations


The sum of the series sum_(r=...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`2^(2n)` `2^(n)` `2^(2n) + ""^(2n)C_(n)` `(1)/(2) (2^(2n) + ""^(2n)C_(n))`

Answer : d
Solution : We have, <br> `sum_(r=0)^(n) ""^(2n)C_(r) = (1)/(2)sum_(r=0)^(n) (2^(2n) + ""^(2n)C_(n))` ltbbrgt `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) ""^(2n)C_(r) = (1)/(2)sum_(r=0)^(n) ""^(2n)C_(2n) + ""^(2n)C_(n)r = (1)/(2)[ {sum_(r=0)^(2n) ""^(2n)C_(r)}+""^(2n)C_(n)r]` <br> `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) ""^(2n)C_(r) = (1)/(2) (2^(2n) + ""^(2n) C_(n))` .

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the question is the sum of the series submission Our Stars from 1 to N of two NCR is Wizard options so let let f is equal to Commission a start from 110 to 12 years will open this this becomes is equal to 21 2012 by 1 + 22 and so on up to 2 when she was emissions from our stars go to our and last term is 12 CM ok we need to find the value of this but to find this value we will

use Binomial expansion of oneplus but we will use Binomial expansion of Binomial expansion of oneplus x to the power to well if we will open the final destination for oneplus x to the power 2 when this becomes equal to 2 when she is zero at to the power 0 so as to the power 0 is 1 then we have to 11 x + 2 when she to like this all the terms then we will have to one end and x to the power and somewhere after that we will has two hands

n + 1 x to the power n + 1 and so on like this turns up to last time we 2012 x to the power to and put share at equal to 11 site at X equal to 1 the left hand side become simply to raise to power 21 is equal to hear this becomes too nc0 + putting a sequel to one everywhere so this is 21 to 30 + 21 + 2 1st like this up to 12 cm and also after that we have X to NC plus one

plus after that we will we will have to NC and + 2 and the last term we have to 112 now you see here we know that NCR is equal to 10 cm YSR Vishnu is the formula show hair if we see we can write and + 1 is equal to 2 and minus 1 + 1 by using this formula and -2 and -1 + 12 this becomes equal to 21 c and -1 similarly if we

put 12c and + 2 is equal to 12 CM 12 - 1 + 2 + 2 is equal to 2 and 3 and minus 2 and so on like this 2012 - 1 would be equal to the term just before just before 2 AC 21 is 2012 - 1 ok so which can be written as to when C2 and -2 and -1 which is equal to 23 this becomes 21 ok here you can see that 21 is best to MCM would be somewhere and

12cm -2 also be somewhere here but we get here if you rearrange the value of 2 raise to power to when we can write this as equal to 2 then c-21 and so on like this when we have to NCC and -1 then we have to when she liked it now in place of 12cm plus one we can write 21 CM -1 so please of just below this I am waiting to when she and -1 similarly in place of to an FYI and plus two second year

twins and -2 ke here would be the term to LC and -2 ok so all the terms can be written like this should be formed in place of 22 and -1 the second last time here we can write here 21 and 22 and MBA Tahir item now we have formed a like this so we can write research to to the power to N is equal to now we can write this two times of two times of this series

simply so this is two times of 2100 plus 2 when she won and stove on up to 12 p.m. - + we have to when she and remaining now we need to find we need to find value of sum of the series that is when starting from 20 up to 21 c and ok so here we have to raise to power to N is equal to if we will add to run when people and then we will subtract again 2ncn ok done this also becomes too time so we can take to come

and this becomes to 100 + 21 and so1 EP 221 - 1 + 2 x 2 and 3 and 2 x 2 outside and we have -2 NC and inside bracket what we have here is the value of the series which we have urgent equal to S ok which we need to find out here so from here we get 2 to the power to when is equal to 2 x of s -21 from where we get value of s is equal to half of 2 to the power to 120 CM this is the final result

sheet of number is correct answer

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