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The sum of the perimeters of a circle and a square is k , where k is some constant. Prove that the sum of their areas is least when the side of the square is double the radius of the circle.



decimal the parameters of a circle and square is ke verification constant so prove that the sum of the radius is least when the side of the square is double the radius of the circle so it wasn't that radius of circle is equal to her ok and side of the square is equal to its ok this are the two variable Se channel show me know what is the condition given to me the sum of the perimeter of the circle and square is ke so this means that what is the perimeter of the circle 87 circumference so circumference of the circle is to fire and what is the perimeter of a square square has all four sides equal equal equal which is equal to sum of all forces which is correct this is equal to ke
this is a condition given to me calculators 1 no prove that the sum of the areas is least so that I need to know the expression for the sum of areas so what is the area circle area of circle is a square and area of square square correct this is these are the two expressions so what is the sum of areas sum of areas difficult S letter se that is equal to Pi R square + a square so hello to fireless 4S is equal to K so from this I can write now I have to ok before writing that now I have to find the minimum value of but here there are two variables are in this
so I don't know what to do when the two variables are under sotelo I try to eliminate one of them I have one condition here so using this condition at all in one of them so to fireless 46 ke this to protect forest distance to 5 is equal to K - 4 S correct then ok instead of something like that I do ke -25 R is equal to 4 was divided by 4 then I'll get S is equal to S is equal to K - 25 are divided by 4 correct Swift 710 in that instead of a sphere then I'll get it has is equal to Pi R square + K - 25 yaar by four
square correct which are connected by a square + A minus 2 whole square by four square which is 16 so this is a minus b whole square at is a square + b square minus 2 a b so which means that a is equal to y r square + Y square + 4 y square x square minus 2 into 2 into ke which is 45 Aake divided by 16 correct which should be equal to a square + Y square by 16 plus Chi square are square by 4 minus b r cable 4 correct services expression for a
lot area a total in terms of only one unknown variable which is are so that changes the value of a Chinese the sum of the areas to be least that means that I want to be minimum correct so minimum of a Akash when derivative of a with respect to our will be zero because here is only independent variable so when there were two of a with respect to our become zero error will be minimum effort that condition finding out the derivative of this expression with respect to our derivative by Oscar is into their way to A pass kar which is tour + derivative of a square by 60 because it is a constant
plus there it was before it is equal to 5.4 into a rate of Oscar wishes to a minus 5 by 4 into derivative of our respect to our which is one should be equal to zero correct so this means that zero is equal to 2 hour into 5 + Y square by 4 -544 to my left side ok I'll take to earn 25 + Y square by 42 my left and right then I'll get to warrant I can take my also coming that I get 1 + 5 by 4 is equal to 5 by 4 so I can cancel left and right and right and then I'll get it s2r into
4 + 5 by 4 is equal to kb4a can cancel personally nominator Sarkar 2.2 plus price ke Z is equal to 2 x 4 + 5 correct which SMS k8 plus 25 this is a value of R so if I got a then I can find it is also what is s s s k - 2 Pi R / 4 so Novotel bi s s is equal to K - 25 into k8 plus two point / 4 correct so this is equal to 14 - 25 k8 plus two say exam
S8 plus to pay generator 1438 K + 25 K - 25 / 8 plus 25 correct so this will be equal to this means that x is equal to one fourth of 25 and I will get cancelled 8k 18 + 25 so oral cancer later and latter Two Cities to into ke 18 + 25 + 2 b h s l tour which is it is equal to wear this is a condition at which area is minimum know that is order to prevent the question that the sum of the areas is released when side of the square is doubled the radius of the circle
is equal to work that is what is a condition record and therefore I have proved this criterion


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