The sum of the perimeter of a circle and square is k, where k is some constant. Prove that the sum of their areas is least when the side of square is double the radius of the circle.


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22 asali double the radius of the circle is doubled the radius of the circle have a circle of radius R with perimeter will be to per yah and similarly to the perimeter of a circle and the circumference of a circle and 4 is the perimeter of a square to this is equals to ke so this is ke is a constant so this is what is given the question now using condition if I calculate the value of 8 water get is to per yah is equals to ke -4 so that is -4 and from if I calculate the value of h to that is ke -48 ke minus 4 upon 252 this is the value of R
to calculate the area of the first of all we write the area of both the things that is area of circle is a square since the radius is R and similarly the area of a square are in terms of a square minus 4 Y 25 that is like a 5 into 5 into K - 4 - 4 to 5 whole square by 25 whole square + a square to get the area to be that is if I cancel out the spy squad term to what it is that this will be equal to a whole square and in the denominator you have 45 in the denominator you have 450 + a square now in order to find the area we know that we need to differentiate a capital a with respect to a and liquid that 202 for the least part we need to acquire the area that differentiate the area with respect to the variable that
side of the square and differentiating with respect to variable vortices that the a b capital capital a b will solve to that is what is it will Bittu into ke -42 into K - 4 into minus 4 that is differentiation of -4 and the denominator you have 45 that is a constant so that remains as it is and other terms are plus plus of this will be differentiation of a square is equals to zero is equal the term 20 and take this negative term to the left inside vortices that that to into ke -48 to into K - 4 into 4 upon 4 into 4 upon 5 is equal to 12 this is equals to 28 what is that this two and two cancels out and Aspur cancels out with this so this was out to be ke - 4K minus 4 upon 5
equal to 110 is equals to 8 now now as we calculate the value of R in the above steps that can be calculated in terms of a two former you get that from there you can see ke -4.25 is equals to are so this is the value of R and from where I can get the value of 28 to 20000 multiplying this to to the other side to this will 4.5 and sensitive the disturb stream Uske minus 4 upon 535 latitude is to our hear what it is that two hour is equal to a is equals to 8 so that the area on the side of the square is double the radius of the circle is complete solution and thank you for watching

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