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Class 12






Sequence And Series


The sum of the fourth and twel...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Subah Kuchh Nahin some of the 4th and 8th term of an arithmetic progression is 20 what is the sum of first 15 terms of the Arithmetic formula of enter and sum of GP formula of n term of AP is bijali equals to a n this request to A Plus and minus 1 into

now other another path admin Eid in this question is formula for formula ko the sum of P terms of an ap that that is equals to formula will be equal to 2 into 2 and -1 with disabilities common difference in is the first time now coming to the question we are given that sum of

4th and 12th term is 2012 equal to 20 and this food with the help of this formula can be written as he + that is 3812 can be written as a + 12 - 111 so brightly for S8 plus 3D plus 11d equal to 20 now what we will do it United

to A + 3 = 220 question number 1 now artist to find the sum of first 15 terms the sum of n term of AP is 24 15 term will be single title as to 3 equal to invite to get it 15 by 2 and 3 and two way Plus and minus 1 upon 3 di that is common difference now we can see through a + 40 is equal to 20 of this equation one place this

15 by 2 into 2815 will be equals to 3 movie 150 150 equal to sum of first 15 terms of an ap is 32

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