The sum of the divisors of `2^(5)xx3^(4)xx5^(2)`, is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`3^(2)*u^(1)*11^(2)``3^(2)*7^(1)*11^(2)*31``3*7*11*31`None of these

Answer :


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hello Student start with a question here we have given the sum of the divisors of 25 in 23-24 into 5 into square is 3 square you 1 into x square square 721 22313 into 7 into 11 into 31 and put option is none of these for that letter start here with solution so here we have given these multiples of the number that is to 85284 and for that we have to find the sum of the devices ok sir first fall electricity number that is an equal to 25 in 23 24 and 25 of square sum for this number can be written as the sum of the sum of divisors sum of divisors for this number is given as that is in

bracket to raise to 5 plus one minus 1 divided by 2 minus one similarly for this will be completed as 24 plus one minus 1 divided by 3 minus one and for the 5 raise to 2 + 1 - 1 / 5 -10 here it will be come to rest 26 - 12 - 11 year it will be come 35 - 1/2 ok and similarly it will become 5 raise to 3 minus 1 divided by 4 9 this 428 ok it will become photos A8 while this will become tourist 26 will be nothing much 64 - 1 and 3 raise to 5 will be 243 - 5 cube will be 125 - 1 ok preparing for the

solve this is what it will become this will be tricky theory OK then they will be 242 and this will be 124 and this whole divided by 8 and I felt right to cancel out is it will become 21 72204 201 2408 10430 12400 OK Google what I will get here that is 63 X 121 X 3163 can be written as 9 in 27 days 121 can be written as one square into 31 from hear what I will get that is this 9 can be returned as 3 into this will be 7-21 into square into 31 to the sum of the divisor for the given

number I got here that is 3 square is 21 and 18 square into 30135 will try to match with your still some we will be right answer for this particular occasion I hope you like this solution thank you

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