The sum of coefficients of integral powers of x in the binomial expansion of (1-2sqrt(x))^(50) is: (1) 1/2(3^(50)+1) (2) 1/2(3^(50)) (3) 1/2(3^(50)-1) (4) 1/2(2^(50)+1)



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Updated On: 30-4-2021

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`1/2(3^(50) + 1)``1/2(3^(50))``1/2(3^(50) - 1)``1/2(2^(10) + 1)`

Answer :
Solution :
`(1-2sqrt(x))^(50) = C_(0)-C_(1)2sqrt(x)+C_(2)(2sqrt(x))^(2)-"...."+C_(50)+(2sqrt(x))^(50)` <br> `(1+2sqrt(x))^(50) = C_(0) + C_(1)(2sqrt(x))+C_(2)(2sqrt(x))^(2) + "......" + C_(50)(2sqrt(x))^(50)` <br> Putting `x = 1`, we get <br> `:. (3^(50)+1)/(2)= C_(0) + C_(2)(2)^(2) + "...."`



00:00 - 00:59hello Divyanshu the question is the sum of coefficients of integral power of X in the Binomial expansion of 1 - 2 and root x to the power 50 is having four options we have to take down the general term so the general term let it be denoted by TN let it be noted Bettiah plus one that would be equal to 50 c h - 1 to the power are and to root x ^ this is basically a General term for the expansion of wine - 2 x to the power n Where n is 50 proceedings for the watch
01:00 - 01:59we can say that X will have integral power for even our program writing eggs will have integral power that is in the form of integer so integral power for our that is R is equal to 0 2 4 6 and up to 50 now what would be the sum of coefficients and writing down sum of coefficients that is equal to 50 c02 to the power 0 + 50 seat to writing for the even integral to square
02:00 - 02:59plazo on store and this procedure up to 50 c52 to the power 50 am just writing down the sum of the coefficients for the event power of are so now expansion of 1 + 2 to the power 50 that would be equal to 50 c02 to the power 0 + 1 2 to the power 1 plus on so up to 50 c52 to the power 50 this is also for the pension oneplus 2 to the power 3 so we can write that it implies that 3 to the power
03:00 - 03:5952 + 13 3 to the power 50 + 1 is equal to 2 x of this term that is 5302 to the power 0 + 50 C12 to the power 1 up to the last term which is 53522 the power 50 which implies 5302 to the power 0 + this the same thing up to 50 c50 that is the last term 2 to the power 50 would be equal to half of 3 to the power 50 plus one so therefore what is the sum of coefficients sum of coefficients is equal to
04:00 - 04:59of 3 to the power 50 + 1 let see which of the following option is the correct options it is that option one is the correct option I hope it is cloud thank you

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