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Class 12






Derivative As A Rate Measurer


The speed v of a particle movi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : We have, ,ito .

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this question the speed V of a particle moving along a straight line is given by a + b square + x square ok ok this is the equation for moment of This particle ok whose speed is gonna be ok and where X is the distance from the origin and acceleration of the particle is ok so we need to find the acceleration here ok access what distance from the origin and this is the equation for motion of the particle speed is we so let's get this equation first initiated a + b square it is equal to x square ok so what is the solution we need to find a solution acylation is change in velocity with respect to change the time this is a solution ok so finding for finding a solution we need to differentiate this whole equation with respect to T ok so let's differentiate is considered as it will be zero ok Plus and V square ok so chain rule to ok 20 concert so right bhi first

to be ok and divide it in this will be the differentiation ok year sem schedule 2x days validity ok now look access distance and distance and about time let me Holla disturb distance about time is what velocity ok so let's write this in next step OK I will be to be here we Divya Pondatti ok it will be equal to 2 X and acid this is well City so we hear ok now cancel the terms it to we cancel to and be ok and as a destination is divided t i am getting Dube it so I can I take ok let se tessellation complete away because I am already so let's get a solution ok acceleration this is equal to this is a rare ok acceleration it will be equals to X upon B

suwaiket value of acceleration that is X upon be so much attention when is getting match with answers option was correct answer thank you

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