The Spearman's rank correlation coefficient `= (9)/(11) `, given ` sum d^(2) = 30 ` . Find the number of observation.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
` 10 `


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the spearman correlation is equal to 11 given equal to 30 find the number of observations on the formula for letter p b is equal to 1 minus 6 sigma square where did the difference between the numbers and is divided by N into in square minus one in a number of observe to find out in this question we have tea AS 9 by 11 this is equal to 1 minus sin square B have as 30 divided into in square minus 18 in that is one

upon in 18 upon and into minus 1 is equal to 1 minus 11 into minus 1 is equal to 11 - 9 that is to by solving it further we will have a r n into n square minus one this will be equal to 180 into 11/2 right now this two will cancel out 180 and we will have 19 year old n into in -1 this will be equal to 19112 R N into in square minus one this is equal to 990 now this 990 we can represent this as 10 in 29

Android registration in 299 this is equal to 10 in 200 - 110 square to this mean it is equal to 10 into 10 square so we have a n into in square minus 1 equal to 10 into 10 square minus one on comparing left inside to RHS slide we will have a n is equal to 10 and this is our answer for number of observations

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