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The solution set of (|x-1|)/(x...

The solution set of (|x-1|)/(x)gt2 is



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Updated On: 9-6-2020

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Graph `y=(|x-1|)/(x` and y=2 in the standard window. There is a vertical asymtote at x=0, and the curve is above the horizontal y=2 just to the right of 0. choice A is the only possibility,but to be sure, CALC/intersect to determine that the point of intersection is at `x=1/3`. <br> An alternative solution is to uyse the associated equation `(|x-1|)/x=2` to find boundary values and then test points. Since the left side is undefined when x=0, zero is one boundary value. Multiply both sides by x to get |x-1|=2x and analyze the two cases for absolute value. If `x-1ge0`, then x-1=2x or `x=1/3` is the other boundary value. Testing points in the intervals `(-oo,0),(0,1/3)`, and `(1/3,oo)` yields the correct answer, Choice A. [11]



00:00 - 00:59hello the question is the solution set of Mod x minus 1 divided by X greater than two is where to find the solution set of this given in quality what is the solution is IT solution set is the set of values of x for which the given in inequality hold when it ok if we look at the inequality that you can say that X - 1 Mod / X greater than 2 is not valid or is undefined at left hand side when X is equals to 20 when x is equal to zero inequality is not defined ok so whatever may be the values of X in solution set it won't be zero ok so it would it would be either
01:00 - 01:59less than 0 or 1 should be greater than 0 x 0 the given left hand side would always be negative ok whatever the value of x minus 1 is equal to minus 1 minus 1 minus 1 divided by minus 1 equal to minus 2 Mod of minus 2 is to develop - 12 - 2 is the Deccan site value and left inside value is not greater than to because right inside is always positive and if we take excess negative that is less than zero select inside would always be negative so X won't be less than zero should be greater than zero this is our first condition no photo S boundary conditions this is one of the boundary condition ok now for the second boundary condition we have to equate this equation inequality and we will write X
02:00 - 02:59- 1 Mod of x minus 1 divided by x is equal to 2 which river Mod of x minus 1 equal to 2 X no they are not two cases hear that that are either x minus 1 is equal to 2 x or they have minus x minus 1 equal to 2 x 2 cases where I will take both of these cases for one by one firstly I have x minus 1 equal to 2 x which case me X equal to -1 which is not valid since I have already told that cannot be less than zero ok for the second one I have minus x + 1 2nd - inside and multiplying it 43 x x minus x + 1 equal to 2 x square x is equals to 1 by 3 ok so this
03:00 - 03:59is a second boundary condition at X is equals to 1 by 3 the left hand side would be equal to 2 and 2 is not greater than to which implies that it has to be less than 1 by 3 in the solution set for the inequality to vote valid ok so these are the two boundary conditions or two set of solution set of my inequality show dancer would be X would be in between 0 and 1 by 3 answer would be zero is less than X which is less than 1 by 3 which is given as in the question

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