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Class 12






Differential Equations


The solution of (x d x+y dy)/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


ok to question Mein Ek differential equation ka solution find karna hai iska isase pahle Ek formula main aapko batana Chahunga Kyunki Aisa Kuch Hota Hai of tan inverse Y overreact kya kya aata hai mere pass XD Y minus y dear over X square + Y square formula main use karunga is question ko solve karne mein dekhte hain kya se to ab main cross multiply kar deta hun to yah a jata hai mere pass x dx ok + Y DY over under root 1 - X square + Y square ok this is equal to yah Ho Gaya XD Y minus y dear over Ab Yahan per Ek X square + Y square hai but Mujhe is formula Mein + Y square

chahie to donon side basically Mai Kya Karunga Ek under root x square + Y square se multiply kar dunga Tu Yahan Ye Gaya X square + Y square to ab Agar Mujhe find karni hai iski solution is differential equation ki to basically made on inside Mujhe integrate karna padega ab left hand side mein mujhe pata hai ki x d x + Y dawai kya hota hai x d x + Y DY basically half times of day of x square + Y square Hai To Jaega aur access square + Y square ko Mein Hi put kar deta hun lete kar deta hun Tu pahle to main isko likhta hun halftime 2 X square + Y square over Ya Ho Gaya route teeth into

a Ho Gaya 1 - Ho Gaya ok Axis kar + Y square ka yah rukti nahin karti ho jaega ok theek hai this is equal to yah Hai of tan inverse y b ok to ab X square + Y square and Square Hai To time shop x d x + y d kya jata hai mere paas to tok2 to cancel Ho Jaega To yah Hai Jaega x dx + Y DY ya nahin De of x square + Y square yah basically De of x square + Y square to TGT aata hai usko Mein Is Tarah likh leta Hun Ki duty of x square + Y square to TDT Hai Tu isko Mein Likh Leta

Hun Tuti into DT over Yahan per half aur yah ho jaega 3 2 under root 1 - x square is equal to iska integration hoyega 10 inverse y by x + time constant the aur ab left hand side ko agar aap integrate Karoge TTK until Ho Jaega To Jaega mere pass Sin inverse this is equal to tan inverse y by x + constant the key value put kar do Riya Jata Hai sine inverse y by x is equal to tan inverse y by x + constant Si Tumhare differential equation solution yah hai ok


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