The solution of the equation cos2θ2cosθ=4sinθsin2θ where θ[0,π] is


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in this question we have to find the solution of the equation this Where theta belongs 2025 is which of the following option the first for letters like the given equation we have cos squared theta minus twice of cos theta is equal to 4 x sin theta minus sin 2 theta novino sin 2 theta The Identity of sin 2 theta is twice of sin theta cos theta using this identity here and again is here taking cos theta common cos theta into cos theta - 2 is equal to 4 sin theta minus this is 2 sin theta cos theta now we can take twice of sin theta comma from here or latest 1 - voice of sin theta for men become positive cos theta and
this will become negative -2 this is cos theta into cos theta minus two letters take all the terms in the analysis so they would be to expression for theta minus 2 is common 10 into cos theta + 2 Sin Theta is equal to zero now from here will get to condition that cos theta is equal to 2 or cos theta + twice of sin theta is equal to zero the two conditions which we call now cos theta always very from -121 it cannot be equal to to this condition is not possible this condition is only the condition which is possible to cos theta would be equal to minus 2 Sin Theta so we can write if the cross X tan theta is equal to minus one by two now in order to solve this latest new
turn off Alpha is 1 by 2 tan theta would be equal to minus San off Alpha minus tan Alpha easy than of 5 minus Alpha is equal to minus tan Alpha we have the final value of theta is equal to 5 minus Alpha where tan Alpha is equal to 1 by 2 this is a required solution for the given equation and the correct option Pi minus alpha beta and Alpha is equal to half

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