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The smallest positive integer...

The smallest positive integer `n` for which `((1+i)/(1-i))^n=1` is (a)`8 `(b) `16 ` (c) `12 `(d) None of these

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `because -1 le (1+x^2)/(2x) le 1` <br> `rArr |(1+x^2)/(2x)| le 1 rArr (1+x^2)/(2|x|) le 1 rArr (1+|x|^2)/(2|x|)-1 le 0 rArr ((|x|-1)^2)/(|x|) le 0` <br> `because |x|>0 therefore (|x|-1)^2=0 rArr |x|=1 rArr x=pm1` <br> `rArr x=1 (therefore x > 0)` <br> `therefore ((1+i)/(1-i))^n=2/pi sin^(-1)(1)=2/pi pi/2 = 1 rArr (((1+i)^2)/2)^n=1 rArr (i)^n=1 ` <br> `therefore` n=4 (least positive value )


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English question smallest positive integer n for which one plus after 11 mindset of whole power and equals to 1 is the smallest integer value and find out karne when one plus 8 upon 1 minus 8 of an equal to 1 so ja oneplus out upon 1 minus sin theta whole power n = 21 discount Kaise likhen is congratulation Karenge oneplus X karte hain oneplus 8 vi se sorry oneplus 5t se multiply and divide 10 minut ruko oneplus power and so this will become one plus 8 of whole square + b whole square is oneplus iota square + 12 + 12 Ta upon dinner dinner to hamare pass value Aayegi 1 - 8 into 1 + 8 so this will come once payment site

Uske to this value is 1 + alt + K + Y square is minus 1 upon 1 + 12 volt power n is equal to 1 minus 1 + 2 upon 1 + 1 is to empower and so 17 cancel auto 2812 Amol Palekar 21441 ok squared minus 1 upon 4 kya hota hai Khud 2122 smallest integer value and Kiya Gaya se 4244 kiske Qatar 1 one of the smallest integer value when ke aage and 24

ok Sar for this question for which option will be the correct option smallest integer value of n is is 4 so option TVD correct option of this option value of n for ok


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