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Class 7






Congruence Of Triangles



THE SIDES-SIDES-SIDES (SSS) CONGRUENCE CONDITION Two triangles are congruent if the three sides of one triangle are respectively equal to the three sides of the other triangles.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone is video mein baat karenge 10 side side side Congress condition ke ok Sut two Triangles two Triangles are congruent if three sides of one rectangle are respectively equal to the three side the other acting looking so Yahan per mis condition ko thoda Jane ki koshish Karte Hain To Yahan per hamare pass two rectangles Hain Main two rectangles liye Hue ABC ABC and pqr PQ are ok song Kya Karenge Hamen conferencia Jattu figure Si kaun si ke bare mein Jante Hain Ham Kya Karte Hain To figures kaun kaun Ham bolate Hain Jab Unka same shape and size Ho ok yahan bol sakte hain ki Agaram triangle ABC ko triangle pqr per superpose Karen Agar Ham Kya Karen triangle ABC ko triangle pqr are superposed Karen such that kiye Jo triangle ABC and pqr ko completely cover Karle completely cover Kale to Milenge donon ha donon triangle jo hai Convent Ho Jaenge To Ham Kya Karte

Ham ABC ko Papa Ki Wapas super Boss karte hain such that Jo Aaye Hamara Hamara kahan per Jaaye Hamara J P pe ok Hamara people hai aur bhi Hamara kahan hai bhaiya Hamara Kyon per Chala Gaya Kyon per chala jaaye Hamara people Chala Gaya Hamara kahan Chale Gaye Siya Se chala jaaye Ham Dekhte Hain ismein Kya Hoga Ki Hamari ji sites Hain sites sites Ab Jo eyesight AB AB kiske kaun ho jayegi Ab Hamari PQ ke kaun ho jayegi side Hamari ABP ke cal bolegi side Hamari b c Q R ke college ki BC ameriki Varke Khol ho jayegi aur side AC kiske college Asia Mari prk Ko Le Jayegi aur Iske Suna Hoga Kya jawab Aisa Karenge triangle ABC jo hai triangle ABC triangle ABC ABC covers covers Triangle Triangle pqr

triangle ABC and triangle pqr ko completely cover kar lega so iska kya matlab ho jaega triangle ABC and triangle pqr Kyon Jaenge congruent Ho Jaenge so kya ho Jaenge triangle ABC then a triangle ABC triangle ABC ABC congruent Ho Jaenge triangle ABC congruent ho jaega triangle pqr ke pqr Kyon kya so kya hua is Kis Mein Kya Hua Hamari teenon ke teenon site C college is triangle ki Exide 3 side Y college corresponding sides of the triangle is 180 ko bolate Hain site site site Congress condition matlab teenon site xxxxxx2 Yahan per bol sakte hain Ham kya bol sakte hain to rectangle are equal congruent if their sides are equal ok Achcha Yahan per 1 important Rema Ki Hai important chamar ki agar agar Hamari hi Dekhe Ja side side side cake

yah site yah site its side ke Colony ok aur yah wali site Hamari is side ke Karoge ho to ab dekhiae Joker Jab Hamari teenon ke teenon side se cal Hai To Ham Jante Hain Ki job angles Honge vajah se opposite side ki Jiska corresponding angle Hoga jisse Pyar Ke corresponding angle kya hai adjacent angle Hamara Kyon to angle aur yah Sare angle bhi se Marenge to is Kasme Kya Hoga corresponding opposite side wale angle Vishay Mein Rahenge yahan se 1 ko important Maar Ke nikala in xxx xxx xxx Congress angles angles of opposite sides angles of opposite sides opposite sorry opposite site

opposite sides are also equal or also equal sahi ho gai ka congressi ho matlab ko kaun si condition Ho Gai congruence of triangles Ki Baat Ho Gai Jahan per Ham kaun si condition le rahe sites excitement XXX Congress condition Ki Baat Ho Gai to next video mein baat karenge side angle side congruency ke bare mein baat karenge


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