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The sides of a triangular plot...

The sides of a triangular plot are in the ratio of 3:5:7and its perimeteris 300 m. Find its area.



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Updated On: 10-2-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Hindi dubbed question size of a triangular plot are given in the ratio of 3 is to 5 is to 7 and its perimeter is 300 then we have to find the area so we consider a triangle ABC show the site are three are in ratio of 3 and 5 and 7 so first 3 lettuce assume the site the size of triangle are 3 x 5 and 7 x so we can see that AB can be we have just consider it to be X they are all in the proportion so we can consider a variable X so we know that the perimeter
01:00 - 01:59that it perimeter is equals to 300 M so here we know that the perimeter is a some of the sites which are AB + BC a b + BC + AC is equals to 300 M so ab is 3x + BC is 5 x + 7 x is equals to 300 so here we get 15 x is equals to 300 so the value of x when we solve it we get 20 Sudhar the sides does the sides of triangle are size of angle h 60 in ratio 5 into
02:00 - 02:5920 and 7 and 2 20 so here it is 3 into 23 into 22 that become 60 and 101 14 or use the heroes formula so you say heroes formula first we have to find out the semi perimeter so semi perimeter is equal to sum of size upon to say that will be the 300 upon 2 is equals to 150 Now use the heroes formula show using heroines formula area of a triangle is equals to under root S into S minus a minus b minus
03:00 - 03:59C A B C are the sides of the triangle A B C are site so you just put the value Dal is equals to which is area SF 150 into 150 - fourside 16 into 150 - 102 150 3rd size 140 is 142 simply solve it so area is equal to under root 150 into that will be the 9 into 50 into 10 show 13 40 only 2 will come out of square root so here we get the area
04:00 - 04:59area is equals to 100 into 9 become 3 into 15 into 5 so on for the solving we can write it like 5 into 3 into 5 so these two these 5 will come out of the square root and then after multiplying we get 1500 into root 3 metre square find the area of triangular plot the unit is M so we can answer in metre square

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