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The sides BC,CA and AB of a triangle ABC, are produced in order, forming exterior angles ACD,BAE and CBF . Show that ACD+BAE+CBF=3600



hello everyone the following question official says the sides BC CA and ab of a triangle ABC are produced in order for exterior angles angle ACD Angle B and angle C bf show that angle ACD + Angle B A + angle C B F is equals to how we can solve their problems so here are there in which sides BC CA and ab triangle ABC and exterior angles are angle ACD Angle B and angle C B F ok Sabhi apps on this one so let's see how can someone give first of all letters draw a triangle ke bare ground triangle ok sunao here and girl
CD is equal to angle A + angle abc ok so it is due to exterior angles ok bright exterior angle is equal to the sum of interior opposite angles ok now it is equation number fast ok no similarly we can write here similarly Angle B
equal to angle abc BCA it will be question number 2 ok similarly here is equal to angle BAC + angle BCA it will be question number third now adding adding first second and third what we get let's see ok so here and there a CD + Angle B
and angle c b f is equal to angle BAC + angle A + angle abc + Angle B C A + angle BAC + Angle B C A ok so let's see ok after that solving read insight we get two times of angle BAC + angle abc + Angle B C A ok and we know that all the tennis court to got 180 degree right to multiply 180 degree ok because angle BAC + angle abc angle BAC is
not a multiplier we get 360 degree ok finally concluded that has proved ok thank you


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