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The shortest distance between ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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case of the given questionnaire was the shortest distance between the curves x square b square minus y square b square equal to what 1 and 4 x square + 4 y square equals what is square wave is greater than a year and it is saying that is f is a and b then the value of 4S 4 + 6 + 2 and 3 we have to find OK so the question first I was sorry to hear that the first I have is what are the cover of hyperbola write a square B square minus b square is the colour of my head right again it has Hai per bola and other kab I have which one is 4 times of x square submission of four times of a square is equal to what is square this is the equation for exactly does a question of circle we have and we know that this equation can I find the value of radius exactly what it will be a bi to look while this is a bi to

if I take 4 from the other side and put it aside asali Kanishka by 4 and the east by 4 Patil about 3D square and then it is a square is equals to a solid is equals to 1 by 2 hell first ok I first wrote the cord access to draw this two values and where to draw this took up basically the hyperbola the cover of circle rate it was carefully this is my architecture suppose we have read is the co-ordinate Axes we have here now done there is a circle distance between this is the circle I have a bride this Mein super we have anything that I have also first thing that we have to draw hyperbola ok I suppose this part is my hyperbola right which but this part again I also have you like this this part

Subah Sikh li rs232 fabulous vote on the transaction is a basically the value of this vertex this part will you what this part will be a comma zero I have some religious part respectively what - of a0 on the right and what is the value of the circle ok so basically the radius of circle is not a bi to it means that the work of the excess of the rest here this should be what a by 20 K the coordinates of this and this volume -1 by 2030 coordinates of circle required is having a radius of what it is having a radius of a bi to ok no question as saying that question arising there is the shortest distance between the curves what can be the possible shortest distance between these two cups of ball and socket ok so you carefully the common normal to both these covers the common normal is this one around the axis I have which part this part basically this part is the shortest distance these two girls are having

basically the equation of normal of the normal between these two curves is the shortest distance these two are having sore throat assistance these two girls are having ok so basically from origin this is what it stands at from origin the distance of circle equation is not having a bi to require distance or we can see the shortest distance as what a minus of a bi to write this party sites have to find as you know that this whole part is what this but here is what is a and this part is not a bi to to the left of path is not a minus b which term of the century by 2 and saying that is a fake or maybe this is what if we are to find the value of 46 47 48 if a b was the answer of this information of these two girls f446re what where is what 4 and 6 is not be there is no use of being in a equation in the solution is looking for this is only able to define the term solution become first 46 will come for B which is come out

similarly another one I have is if you get it fs23s this will become a few committee will come to buy to a bi because there is not used to between both 1 and we have to find out the answer of we have to find answer of A4 A6 plus office 23 it will come out as 2 + 1 is equals to 3 so basically please answer you're looking for the question we have

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