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The set of all x satisfying the equation xlog_3x2+((log)3x)210=1x2is 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 0


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The correct Answer is D
Taking log of both sides with base 3, we have
Hence, x=1,32,34.


hello Google show today question is the set of all X satisfying the equation x to the power lock x square - 3 + lock Express square minus 10 equals to 1 by x square so as to find the set of values of x ok doston sir 1919 1819 comedy 114 1981 to find Suresh right but were given 81 x to the power lock x square base 3 plus clock Express 3 whole square minus 10 equals to 1 by x square aur from here we can
write x to the power block access chemistry class Lok Express 3 square minus 10 equals to you can simply write it as x to the power minus 2 ok so Shayad these values of the power so therefore One release confirm from where X is equals to 1 because only one can satisfy this equation for another value we can write the power of the situation will be referred for photo size fitted right lock x square by 3 + log x base 3 whole square -10 equals to -2 or the true will come in front as x 2 X lock
Express train class Lok Express 3 cos square - 10 - this will come in this side as plus two question for aquapot Lok Express 3st what we say it will take us to Tuti + 3 square in this will be -8 equal to make and write it as a square + 2 x minus 8 equal to 0 9 square + 40 - 2 - 8 questions or if it take take from this 2000 find 3
+ 4 Y - 2 from this 2020 + 4 = 20 or 30 - 2 flight + 4 = 20 therefore equals to 2 - 4 what are values we find as Lok X + 3 = 22 and Lok Express 3 + 2 - 4 x 3 square and X custom power minus 4 how did that physically there is a formula that is this property ok if there is lock HP equal to see we can simply writers equals to B or C so which is
equals to 9 customer won by 8143 values 1 91 by 81 ok which is after thank you


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