The ratio of the sum of first three terms to the sum of first six terms is 125 : 152. Find the common ratio of G.P.



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Updated On: 1-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question is the ratio of the sum of first three terms of the sum to the son of first term is 125 by 150 to find the common ratio of CP we have to find common ratio of the GP here now the sum of n terms of a GP is normalised sum of n terms sum of n terms of GP is given is denoted by SN is equal to a to the power n minus 1 divided by our -1 if this is the formula for sum of first three terms would be divided by 3 is equal to a to the power 3 minus 1 divided by our -1 and sum of 6 terms the sum of first 6 terms is
01:00 - 01:59into a to the power 6 minus 1 divided by minus one this is given equal to with their ratio is actually we don't know so ratio is three terms divided by some of its terms is given equal to 1 25 / 152 this is what we have here now we can put values this becomes a minus 1 divided by minus 1 divided by value of sf6 is sum of n terms is a two hour to the power 6 - 1 / are so this should be equal to 12552 ok we have to find a common issue
02:00 - 02:592 ekad cancelled out in a minute of it also gets cancelled out also we know that a square minus b square is a + b into so we can write to the power 6 minus 1 is equal to we can write uses one square and this is where we can write with this becomes a square minus b square from you this is a cube + 1 into are you and I like this this becomes you -1 in the numerator and denominator are to the power 6.7 can be written as are you + 1 into x minus b is equal to 120 5152 here to get cancelled out
03:00 - 03:59Kaise that are Cube + 1 is equal to sleeping this becomes 152 divided by 125 R U kis equal to 152 - 125 one goes there and we have 125 R cube is equal to 152 - 125 is 27 27 / 125 now we know 27 / 125 can be written as 3 by 5 to the power 3 from where we get value of R is equal to condition but we need to find out your value of Rs 3 by 5

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