The ratio of the area of a regular polygon of n sides inscribed in a circle to that of the polygon of same number of sides circumscribing the same is 3:4. Then the value of n is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Area of the polygon inscribed in a circle, (S1)=12na2sin(2πn)
Area of the polygon circumscribing the same circle, (S2)=na2tan(πn)
It is given that,
Sides of the polygon are 6.


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ratio of area of regular polygon of N sides in stripe in a circle to that of the polygon of same number of sides are describing the same is 3 is to 4 28 regular polygon inside ka you ki ek sal ke andar hai theek Hai Sar Ko Uske Bahar Se Ja Raha Hai Uska area ratio kis Vahi par Lagane se se number se pahle Kaun Hai Jise Ham sabhi ko Bhartiya circumscribe Kiya hua hai to uska Ashok 3 by 4 Diya Hai then value of n number site Puche Mein Kitni Hoti Hai Pahle Rahi Hai Pahle kaun sa hai ek Pulia circle ka Andar hai uski value Hoti Hai 1.2 n a square sin 2 pi by and use key value Hoti Hai Jab polygon service Ke Andar hai aur padega Circle K R circle Pal Ke Andar hai to uska hi hota hai and squire 10 bye bye Indore ka Resham Ki Tarah ka hai yah Tera Karm Hai 3 by 4 theek hai
Vishwakarma to kya aayega a nice person square cancel sin2pi 12 science Karunga half into 2 sin pi by and caused by one upon sin pi by 2 cos and sin pi by 3 upon cos x Cos 3 by 3 by 4 sin pi by 2 find the castle to say to cancel caused by One Key value to a fourth caused by when ki value kitne Jayegi root 3 by 2 theek hai to cos root 3 by 2 covers abhi 56 and is equal to pi by 6 this implies energy was 2623 Aage Hamari 66 right answer

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