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Sequences And Series


The p^(t h),q^(t h)and r^(t h)...

The `p^(t h),q^(t h)`and `r^(t h)`terms of an A.P. are a, b, c, respectively. Show that `(q-r)a+(r-p)b+(p-q)c=0`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `a="First term of the AP"` and <br> `d="common difference of the AP"` <br> Now, `a=A+(p-1)d`.........(1) <br> `b=A+(q-1)d`.........(2) <br> `c=A+(r-1)d`...........(3) <br> Subtracting `(2)` from `(1),(3)` from `(2)` and `(1)` from `(3)` we get <br> `a-b=(p-q)d`..........(4) <br> `b-c=(q-r)d`.............(5) <br> `c-a=(r-p)d`..........(6) <br> Multiply `(4)(5)(6)` by `c,a,b` respectively, we have <br> `c(a-b)=c(p-q)d`..........(7) <br> `a(b-c)=a(q-r)d`......(8) <br> `b(c-a)=b(r-p)d`..........(9) <br> Adding `(7)(8)` and `(9)` we get <br> `a(q-r)d+b(r-p)d+c(p-q)d=c(a-b)+a(b-c)+b(c-a)` <br> `=ca-cb+ab-ac+bc-ba` <br> `=0` <br> Now, since `d` is common difference it should be non zero <br> Hence, `a(q-r)+b(r-p)+c(p-q)=0`


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hi everyone in this question a way that are a term of an ap are a b c respectively have to show that you - 6 into a Ameen Pintu b + b minus 2 into 3 equal to zero let's look at the solution part of any term of an ap and 8th term of an ap is written by and recall to A Plus and minus 1 into where is equal to Costa n is equal to number of term number of term is equal to common

different these are the term now baby Naaz theatre theatre will be ap ap will be equal to AP given at a week and it at a no need to let not confused with this and this safe from writing the first time at A1 plus B minus 1 into 1 was given as we know it will be b is equal to 1 + Q - 18 23rd a are equal to create a given it will be equal to A1 Plus or minus 1 into the first equation this one in the second equation the third equation

to prove that 1 hour into a plate calculate the value of Q - are -3 and -2 so from this we get a minus 1 by 2 + 1 will be equal to P this will be equal to P B minus one by x minus 1 by 2 + 1 is equal to Q No 2 - A1 plus one will be equal to are these are the value of P Q R let calculate cube minus A into a cube minus into a because we have to find cube minus are - 3 and female humans are into a

this site will be B minus 3 by D into a r into a now let calculate are - 3 and 2 br1 been to be will be this one is a respiratory tract it will get a b into B are -3 to be now have to calculate t minus 2 by C2C this one unit subtracted will get a minus b into itne mitte equation 45 we have to prove this is zero adding that means 4 + 5 + 6

which is nothing but this equation only humans are into a are -3 to be and it was going to take it will give the minus 3 by a upon B + c minus A into B upon D + a minus b into C upon day which will be equal to LPM it will be a minus A + B minus a minus b upon plus it will be a c minus b p s e b a and a we get cancelled out - 3 + 1 we get cancer Indian TV and ticket cancelled out that means if value is 0 which is equal to rh2

this one was our answer thank you guys