The probability that an event A happens in one trial of an experiment, is 0.4 There independent trials of the experiments are performed. The probability that the event A happens atleast once, is


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hello friends we have a question here the probability that the event a apple of an experiment is point 43 independent trial of the experiments are performed the probability that the event a happen at least once so the important thing is at least one so here we have given here we have given an equal to the trial happened that an equal to 3 and P equal to that is that is probability of success that is event will happen is 4.4 and q is equal to point 6 that is Q is equal to 1 minus b that is 2.6 and here we use of Binomial Distribution so P of X is greater than one we have to find that is at least one
write at least greater X greater than equal to 1 at least one that mean the event in which one or more than one will be count so as we know that P of X + x is equal to zero P of X equal to 1 X Eco plus p of X equal to an equal to one where Phoebe of equal to NC and that is NCR ^ are you to the power and minus are right and what we have to find we have to find P to the power x greater than 1 this is equal to 1 minus 3 to the power
power X equal to zero write that is greater than 1 INR in this all cases will be counted from one to one side so 12 and will be equal to 1 minus P of X equal to zero right now P of x is equal to their and is given to us three so 300 point 4 to the power 0 0.6 to the power 3.4 to the power 0 is equal to 1 3 0 is 1 so point 6 to the power 3.6 to the power 3 is point 216 that is equal to 1 minus point 216 this will be equal to point 784 what is the answer
answer point point 8.7 84 this is we have to find and we found it thank you

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