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The probability that a marksman will hit a target is given is 1/5. Then the probability that at least once hit in 10 shots is 1-(4//5)^(10) b. 1//5^(10) c. 1-(1//5)^(10) d. (4//5)^(10)



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Updated On: 13-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is probability that a marksman will hit a target is 1 by 5 then the probability that at least once it in 10 shots is and desorption ok we have probability of hitting a target of fitting a short is given equal to 1 by 5 ok so probability of not getting shot not getting a short would be equal to 4 by 5 now we have to calculate the probability of at least one shot intent or so we can write probability of
01:00 - 01:59at least one shot in total 10 shots is equal to 1 minus probability of not hitting not heating all 10 shots if we would - case when all 10 shots are not hit by the marksman ok from the total probability that is why it would be equal to the probability that at least one shot is short in 1042 will use this result it would become this becomes equal to 1 minus now probability of not eating all 10 short so first shot should go should not hit
02:00 - 02:59S should not hit ok this would go for Wi-Fi would we multiply total time time ok in all the 10 cases the marksman have not hit the spot ok so this becomes one minus 4 by 5 to the power 10 ok this is the value of the probability 1 - 45 to the power 10 ok we would look the option option is correct one minus 4 by 5 to 10 music directors thank you

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