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The probability of a candidate passing an examination at any one attempt is 3/5.He carries on entering until he passes and each entry costs him Rs. 1. The expected cost of his passing the exam is (in Rs)



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Updated On: 13-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59everyone about today's question is the probability of a candidate passing an exam at any one is 3 by 5 he carries on entering until he Pasand and each entry cost him Rupees 1 the expected cost of the passing the exam and so let the probability of boy pass with the probabilities of probability BP bypasses the exam is 3 by 5 and the probability of failing in exam SBF physicals to 1 minus 3 by 5 which is equals to 2 by 5 and the probability of the girl feel in the exam is equal to 1 minus the passing probability so feeling girl fail in exam so it is the probability
01:00 - 01:59of boy feels the same probability of the Gulf pass it is equals to 1 minus 2 by 5 is equals to 3 by 5 show the probability of feeling feeling both so it is equals to 2 upon 5 into 3 upon 5 it is equals to 625 so probability of passing at least boy at least one of them is 1 - 6 upon 25 because it is the feeling probability so it is equals to 19 upon
02:00 - 02:5925 so it is our expected cost of his passing in the exam is equals to 1 upon P so it is equal to 25 upon 19 so the correct option is first thank you

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