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The position vectors of the vertices A,B,C of `DeltaABC` are `hati-hatj-3hatk,2hati+hatj-2hatk` and `-5hati+2hatj-6hatk` respectively. The length of the bisector AD of the angle `/_BAC` where D is on the line segment BC is

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`15/2``3/4sqrt(10)``4/3sqrt(10)`None of these

Answer :
Solution :
We have <br> `vec(AB)=hati+2hatj+hatk, vec(AC)-6hati+3hatj-3hatk` <br> `implies|vec(AB)|=sqrt(6)` and `|vec(AC)|=3sqrt(6)` <br> Clearly, point D divides BC in the ratio `AB:AC` i.e. `1:3`.<br> `:.` Position vector ofDis <br> `((-5hati+2hatj-6hatk)+3(2hati+hatj-2hatk))/(1+3)` <br> `implies` Position vector of D is `=1/4(hati+5hatj-12hatk)` <br> `:.vec(AD)=1/4(hati+5hatj-12hatk)-(hati-hatj-3hatk)` <br> `vec(AD)=3/4(-hati+3hatj)` <br> `implies|vec(AD)|=3/4sqrt(10)`

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