The points (p,q +r) , (q, r+p) and (r, q+p) are _______.


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student question is the point ok please I want point This is one point and this is one point are ok so this is fill in the blank we have to fill this ok find IT Solution for what I'm going to do I am going to name this point a point P and pointy but I'm going to do I am going to find Loafer BA this will be so slope BA is why 2 - by 1 to 8 plus B minus A + you should asali company minus 2 upon x 2 - 61 cube minus 3 and this value is equal to -1 ok and again I am going to find slope of slope of
ok so Cube + 3 by 2 minus b cube plus B minus b + b cube minus 4 upon our - you are minor cube and this value will be cause 2 - 1 and from where we can see that flow BA equals to block BC airport ABC points are collinear a b c are collinear ok thank you

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