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Class 12






Straight Lines


the points (alpha,beta) , (gam...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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CollinearVertices of a squareVertices of a rhombusConcyclic

Answer : D

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hello guys welcome to daughter in today's question we are given points alpha beta gamma Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma delta and chemical Mein Bitha different real numbers and now we have to tell these points are collinear orbitals of a square what is of a rhombus are concyclic so we have given that supports a point as alpha beta and we point test game akoma Delta point Alpha Gamma delta and D point gamer comma beta now let first of all draw Alpha Gamma beta in record net so let's suppose are alfagomma beta point ab here point we will be points and will be let make it a and this is a r y axis this is our site access this is our ABCD coin

angle A and Angle B and angle C and angle D Now since Alpha is not equal to beta and beta is not equal to game and game as not equal to tilt 10 ABCD are not Kohli Ne now after that we will be finding slope of line a day and how to do that using formula why to minus one upon x 2 - 61 from here we get B minus Alpha upon Alpha minus alphabets Infinity from here we get angle is 90 degree is 90 degree so it is perpendicular to x-axis now we will find slope of Ab which is same formula by 2 minus one upon x 2 - 61 equal to metre

minus beta and Alpha minus gamer Supra maybe get zero and from where we get angle BAC 90 degree similarly it will be also 90 degree and why it is also 90 degree because they're supposed to be angle sunao repetition points A B C D are concyclic then Angle B + D should be 180 and from where we get 90 + 90 equal to 180 from here we can say that is equal to RHS Hence a b c d are concyclic now we will check for rectangle and Square Rhombus and Square sorry sofa Rhombus Angle B and angle c equal to be equal to 90 that's not be not possible for rhombus

we find that angle B equal to equal to 90 it is not a rhombus now for square Delta minus beta should be equal to gamer minus Alpha but we are not getting their equal relation so it is not a square hence it is not square so our point ABCD are concyclic point now we have to check which of the option contain site value we can say that option for contain write value Sawar option forest Karen thank you guys are hope you like my video

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