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The point on the axis which is...

The point on the axis which is equidistant from (-4,0) and (10,0) is ,<br> a) (7,0) <br> (b) (5,0) <br> c) (0,0) <br> d) (3,0)


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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student let's start with the question here we have given the point on Axis which is equidistant from - 40 and 1000 for this four options are given that is a 70 80 300 and 30 A letter start with solution know if I'll try to draw a line segment with this is nothing but a line segment has the point P is a point Q at this point be as given point that is minus 40 and this won't be at 10 commerce zero now here we have to find the coordinates of the third point which is equidistant from both of them so that should be in the middle of the soul at this point be as ke with the co-ordinate Axes ok so here we have to find the coordinates for this point that is ke Ek know if the distance from both of them then it is nothing but a midpoint of this both of the

point ok health by using midpoint theorem I can able to find the coordinates of this ke so by using midpoint theorem OK Here I will take by using mid point Theorem by using midpoint theorem I can say that what I can say that the co-ordinate of K will be nothing but that is X is equals to X 1 + X 2 divided by 2 and similarly y-coordinate will be nothing but why 1 + Y2 / 2 near a will to want consideration that this isn't one this is why I want this is X2 Y2 simply put values of these X1 Y1 from here so here I will get equinix between working but is equal to minus 4 + 10 divided by 2 and similarly here I will get wise

20 + 0 divided by 2 Near I will get X is equals to 6 part 2 and here I will get voice record 2013 Lali here I will get the x-coordinate as and y-coordinate as zero so here we got the coordinates of the point that is k a y which is equal distance from both of the 30 Noida will match with the afters option will be the right answer for this particular question I hope you will like this solution thank you