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The point on the axis which is...

The point on the axis which is equidistant from (-4,0) and (10,0) is ,<br> a) (7,0) <br> (b) (5,0) <br> c) (0,0) <br> d) (3,0)


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student that start with the point on Earth from 10000 9308 with solution for here we have given the two-point ok so let's try to look at this point so this is nothing but if you look at the point zero it means the both of the points are lying on to the health the first point that is -40 Billa something over here and 1000 La something on this point we as a lattice point point is equal distance from both of them it is only possible when the third point will come in between of them ok

is a tree whose coordinates are AK coma which is we have to call ok not is it stated this point is equal distance from both of them it means that the ratio will be nothing but one who is 21 and has by using the midpoint formula I can able to find the coordinates of this third point ok the by using midpoint formula by using midpoint formula I can say that the coordinates of p i will be nothing but for x if x = 2 X 1 + x divided by 2 and 4 why it will be Y1 + Y2 / your latest co-ordinate as X1 Y1 and this coordinates as X2 comma Y2 ok and here we will simply put

that is Manik 4 + 10 divided by 2 and here we 10028-2 so here I will co-ordinate for 1 will be nothing but 10 - 4 is due to which will be because 23 and here I got I will get the coordinates for Y as zero so here I got the corner 43rd point that is the OK I will match with the right answer this question I hope you will like this solution thank you