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Class 12






Straight Lines


The point (-2,a) lies in the i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone they are person is the point - 2A lies in the interior of the Triangle formed by the line y = 2 X Y is equal to -1 and the line diagram that there is a triangle with the first is that is why is equals to x axis Y is equals to minus 6 and the third side is 2 x + 3 Y is equal to 6 call to find the condition for the lying inside the trying to find the area of the triangle by solving that that is equal to

and that is plus Jaipur dawai Kaun it will also be equal to 6.5 the coordinates of coordinates of be having the value that is 6565 now I want to find the coordinates of the vortex 3 let me put the value of Y is equals to minus x in the given equation that is 2 x minus 1 is equal to 6 the value of x will be minus 6 is equal to 6 x is equals to minus 6 so I can see that

on the line is the we are having the coordinates of see that is why will be quotes on negative of x to give ko the value of Y corner that will be equal to 6 for the coordinates of Siya - 6 letters solve this equation now the concept to find that the point that developed a the point is that a given in the person having the coordinates as mind to form a flying inside the triangle the concept for this is the position of the point A and B if I put the value of the co-ordinate and can't be the concept is that suppose if I put the value of a in the question of the straight line that is a X1

1 + 3 is equal to zero this thing is coming out to be greater than zero let's assume this is coming out to be positive both the airline on the same side as vacancy in the diagram then after putting the coordinates of be in the same question I should get the positive answer that is a x + b y 2 + 3 should also be greater than zero or if suppose they are lying on the opposite side then after putting the co-ordinate be supposed now the b is at the opposite side of the line from with respect to a put the value of the coordinates of B in the equation then the sign of the equation should come out to be negative now I am according to the like a c b and c are in the same side of the line ec2 using the line AC that is

the line A C Y + Y is equals to minus 6 and that B and C are lying on the same side on the same side of the so having the coordinates of B and the coordinates of brf5 and the coordinates of Dr -2 kam ke question of the line that come X + Y is equal to the value of constant value so that I can check which sign is coming after putting the value when ever put the value of x and y are coming out of the coordinates of the question answer should also be greater than the concept

mines plus should be greater than zero then the value of a that should be greater than to the first condition for a the first equation neck moving on to second side that is ab now we need to use the site may be of the triangle that affect the site may be the plants and the plants are lying on the same side of the line the point c and d having the continents that is C and D are on the same side of the line ab same side of line ab having the coordinates that is equals to convert ocr -66 and the coordinates of the coordinates of Dr -2 kam a and the equation of the line ab that is equal to Y equal to x y is equals to

writing the equation in the simplest form that will become minus x + Y is equal to zero now let me put the coordinates of the inside to check which sign is coming it will become plus plus 6 Channel coming out to be positive so if I put the value of D in the equation that will become minus plus plus A10 and the value of a better than -2 the second equation for the condition for a third side the third side BC according to the third side BC having the equation that is equal to 2 X + 3 Y - 6 = 20 2 X + 3 Y - 3 = 20 I can see that the co-ordinate A and B are in the same side of the line BC show that concept and

and coordinates of Dr having the value that is -2 a putting the value of the a in the equation to take to check with sinus coming that it positive or negative that will be reduced to in 20 + 3 into 0 - 6 that is coming out to be less than zero or negative value of the corner 3 + CA - 603 less than 10 before the value of a will become a less than 10 by the third question quality selected on the number line to represent the first answer by -22

and 10 by three at given that a is less than 10 by 3 marking it less than 10 by three given that a greater than and greater than 2 countries that are coming in the interval to 10 by 3 answer but you need to find the question the integral integral positive value of a in between the interval to commit and B in the only possible value of a that is equal to 3 thank you

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