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The perpendicular A D on the base B C of a triangle A B C intersects B C at D so that D B=3C D . Prove that 2\ A B^2=2\ A C^2+B C^2 .



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Updated On: 16-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone that question say that the perpendicular ad on the base BC of a triangle ABC intersect BC at D so that they be useful to three times of CD that to a nice Catch 22 SS paper BCA Sparrow k2so first of all my dear friend you can see a triangle let us consider whether that's the point A and B and a hand on the web services vs BC and AD is perpendicular is maximum angle of 90 degree ok so here you can clearly see that the condition is given that DB is equal to 3 x of CD
01:00 - 01:59we can write this BC from figure you can see that BC can be written as BD + BC ok and BD nothing but it is baby so we can put her three times of CD + BC it will be equal to 4 x CD ok so here we see will be equal to four times of CD and CD can be written as this implies 1 by 4 times RBC ok and further if be written as we d is equal to 3 x of CD ok as we know that already given in the question CD review will put the value of c d 3 times or CD that is 3 by 4
02:00 - 02:59missing ok so bdv equal to the relation with bdn BC we will use per so that this is a question now baby will take in a triangle in triangle abc D so this is the right angle triangle you can see here ok bye I know that I felt n s square film equal to latest Ab is equal to X square + perpendicular ok clearly described will be equal to a b square minus b square
03:00 - 03:59let's equation to every will take another Triangle in triangle ACD so again we will use a Pythagoras Theorem is also a right angle triangle ACD will be equal to ladies hair AC square will be equal to we will put the value of this CD is equal to a vs Ken videos and plus CDS ok from equation to show that we will so that it can be written as even taken out every other positive ab and ac scan will be - ever
04:00 - 04:59taken AC score will be equal to order BDS can minor ok so this will be equal to BD square we will put the value of BD so here you can see that from equation 1354 X ABC ok 3 by 4 times of BC and square and minus value of SI Di I can see in Alwar city Pinnacle 24 x RBC where we will put invite 4 times a b c square will be equal to 9 vi 16b CSK and hear when we 16 b c square now we will take the LCM of these will be equal to 16
05:00 - 05:599v AC square minus b square to this week we'll 28 b c square upon 16 others will be cancelled it out to show bcs12 ok so this will be equal to a b square minus A square in the left hand side we multiply cross multiply so this will be equal to x square minus A square is equal to BC square and every multiply with 222 AC scan will be equal to the week and it has finally get to Times of a b is equal to it can be taken on right hand side so 2
06:00 - 06:59this is clearly a dancer ok and fruit ok thank you so much

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